Cuckoo offers "Remote Work as a Service" for companies and teams of different sizes. Within this framework, Cuckoo organizes remote work programs for interdisciplinary groups in different cities worldwide. We organize the necessary infrastructure like coworking spaces and accommodations, but at the same time we also take care of a productive cooperation between the participants. The aim is to make new forms of learning, exchange and working accessible and easy to experience.


Orientations Inc. - Relo Network Asia is the leader in providing Destination Services and Visa & Immigration Services throughout Asia Pacific. With operations in over 15 countries across Asia and more than 30 years of experience, Orientations Inc. - Relo Network Asia is the first choice for companies and assignees who demand the highest level of personalized service.


Grow Internationals offers post-relocation support and services to companies and organizations with international talents in Sweden. They are specialized in language and cross-cultural training for managers and specialists with high requirements on quality, efficiency and flexibility.



DW Brazil, with almost 40 years experience, has a trained team of experts to guide you in reaching your goals. They are at your disposal, not only before your trip, but also throughout it, guaranteeing you a happy and productive experience.



Istituto Italiano di Cultura Rio de Janeiro |
The Italian Cultural Institute is the official Italian governmental body dedicated to promoting Italian language and culture. They organize concerts, cultural events and exhibitions, encourage scientific collaboration between Italy and other countries, etc.



Helping Hands and Hearts Japan Inc. are providing a private Japanese class with the lowest fee and the most convenient conditions



Education Mobility Grid (EMG) is an educational consultancy based in Germany which assists students, parents, educators, schools, universities and businesses by offering various education services on a global scale. EMG specializes in Worldwide School Search and Placement for relocating families, as well as College Counseling for Germany and The Netherlands.

IMPACT Group is a WBE-certified global career coaching firm. We work with leading companies around the world providing relocation support, outplacement assistance and leadership development solutions. We build a better world by empowering your talent with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to find and grow a great career.

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