Academic support is important for many students as it can be difficult to manage homework assignments. Many parents work full-time and do not have enough time to sit with their children and effectively help them with their homework. These tutoring sessions guarantee that you will have more flexibility with your time and your child will learn with professional support. Through our academic support, students will learn to assume greater responsibility for their studies. They will gain confidence in their own abilities and will learn to develop their potential.

We offer academic support in the following subjects:

Mathematics, Geometric Design, Physics, Chemistry, Portuguese, Writing/Composition, Literature, History, Geography, Biology, Science, German, English, Spanish and French

Tutoring sessions are conducted one-on-one or in groups of up to 4 students in the home of the student, at our school in Rio de Janeiro or at another agreed upon location. We serve Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


We provide the following services:


School Tutoring


The goal of school tutoring is to allow the student to learn when he or she is not able to keep up with the rest of the class. Consolidating and broadening knowledge and enriching cultural and social experience will help the student overcome any learning barriers and obtain required skills.



Preparatory Classes for Exams and Diplomas


We prepare students for school exams and main language certificates. School testing is a way to measure the knowledge of a student. The results have a great influence on a student's academic career and only success can make a passing score possible. The private teacher is familiar with school testing criteria and uses practice tests for certificates.



Preparation for Entrance Exams


In our preparatory class for entrance exams, the student has the opportunity to learn or reinforce his or her knowledge of the content learned in secondary school. We guide and assist the student by using exercises that prepare the student for every type of question asked on the entrance exam, which helps the student better retain the content taught and prepares him or her in general for the qualification exams at the best universities in the country.



Academic Text Revision


Students continuing their academic career write papers, theses, dissertations or articles for scientific journals. After the first draft or two, it is important for the work to be revised. A proofreader will correct redundancy in vocabulary, confusing sentences and grammatical and spelling errors, as well as standardize the text in accordance with the ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Standards).


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