Eszett is a Global Language School that operates in 5 continents and teaches more than 20 languages. Our network of trainers exceeds 40.000 qualified trainers that are located all around the globe to provide Face-to-Face lessons in-company or in-home.

Eszett has developed Eszett Manager, a client-server application that allows to digitally sign lessons that take place in-company or in-home. The solution is used with Eszett students but can be used by any school that offers lessons that take place at remote locations. The application is available on iphone and Android, and should be installed on the teacher’s Smartphone/Tablet. A unique PIN code is generated and sent by email to each student, which will be entered into the trainer’s Smartphone/Tablet to confirm each lesson.


  • Create your customized company version
  • Mobile App for your teachers
  • Available for Android and IOS
  • Students' signature by 4 digit PIN code or signature
  • Real time tracking of lessons completed
  • Upload any document or picture
  • Generate attendance report of students
  • Geolocation with map view
  • E-mail notification
  • Generation of student profile (number of lessons done, test results, learning progress)

  • Real-time tracking of the services provided
  • Generates reports automatically
  • Optimizes invoicing processes
  • No manual input of data
  • No scanned attendance reports
  • Reduces operations costs
  • Reduces paper consumption

  • For more information, please contact us.