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From the UK, a España, en France

Since the age of 16, I have been travelling to Spain alone to visit my (now) husband and his family. I am British native, and was notoriously disastrous with languages at this time, just about getting by in Spanish at school, understanding ‘chicle en la basura’ more than anything else.

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Technology Gap in the Relocation Sector

This article analyses the way RMCs and DSPs utilize technology to get updated and update their customers from the field in real time, when providing destination services. Many relocation companies may declare that they already provide all the details in real time, but do they take advantage of the technology? Do they use applications to report from the field? After discussing with many senior managers of different RMCs and DSPs around the globe, I came to the conclusion that the relocation sector is behind other sectors in terms of utilization of technology.

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Best Professional Memory 2016 - Eszett's CEO

What is your best professional memory/moment this year?

On 1st January 2016, as the CEO of an international company with a small workforce, instead of enjoying a relaxing start to a new year, I was putting out fires in Eszett Business Language Services, attempting to solve every single issue that arose within marketing, sales, accounting, finance, operations and administration, across all time zones, seven days a week. This could not continue: a CEO that is too occupied with the daily tasks of an organization is left with insufficient time for strategic development.

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Worldwide ERC 2017 - Mobility

Eszett attended the biggest Relocation conference - Worldwide ERC

From 27th-29th September, I traveled to the 'Windy City', Chicago to attend the ERC. Although attending similar events in the past, this was my first ERC, and what an event! Every thirty minutes hundreds of Relocation executives would gather to search for their next meeting. Faces become obsolete and to take their place is the badge. The ERC was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with current partners, meet with many potential clients, and network with others who work in this sector. From the event, we hope to strengthen relationships with RMCs, DSPs and final customers requiring mobility services.

Jessica Land

Operations Manager

Eszett Business Language Services

Check the Worldwide ERC site for additional information about the event